Fosber Maintenance Programs - Benefits

Fosber Maintenance Programs offer the following benefits to your business:program benefits

  • Increased Productivity & Reduced Downtime - because your equipment is routinely checked and maintained, mechanical problems are minimized, machine and operator performance is optimized and machine life is extended.
  • Improved Training - over the course of the Program, you and your staff will develop a close business relationship with your Fosber Field Service Representative. The knowledge and skills being shared will not only help you make the most of your new equipment, but will work to improve the overall skills and productivity of your employees.
  • Controlled Costs for Effective Budgeting - because the Program's charges are scheduled and any repairs are made promptly, administration time is minimized and budgeting is easily controlled.
  • Direct Access to OEM Technical Support - through your Field Service Representative, you’ll have a direct line of access to all of Fosber's technical support resources.

For Maintenance and Support Program Rates please contact your Technical Services Representative at (920) 338-6600 or e-mail They can discuss what program is best suited for your facility. Specific services provided by the program are extremely flexible and can be modified to meet your evolving business needs.