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Field School

What is a Fosber Field School? A Fosber Field School utilizes the same training techniques featured at our in-house training facility in Green Bay, WI; however, this school is at your facility. Field Schools can be tailored to a single piece of equipment or a complete corrugator.

Field Schools are usually 2-4 days. It can include classroom, production and maintenance sessions. Classroom sessions may use a combination of manuals, PowerPoint’s, schematics and simulators to ensure an effective training session. Production training is conducted with the trainee during a normal production setting (recommended for new employees to the corrugator). Maintenance training allows the trainee to perform required procedures with the assistance of the instructor.

The Field School cost is approx. $1200/day, plus travel and living expenses. Contact the Fosber Training Department for additional information.

Field School Example


A company has new employees that have no experience with Fosber machines and has veteran employees that have advanced questions on how to better troubleshoot the machine.

Training Program Implemented:

Fosber suggested a three day onsite training session. The first day involved classroom training for a new operator, new supervisor and new maintenance personnel. The second day the customer added veteran employees to the training and discussed more advanced preventative maintenance procedures and troubleshooting techniques. The third day was “hands on” preventative maintenance training and operational troubleshooting.


The customer was very pleased with the effectiveness of the training and how new and veteran employees were integrated into the training session.

Field School Benefits:

1. Works around production schedule.
2. Customize class to your needs and time.
3. Focus on your issues in more detail.
4. Classroom training followed by “hands on” training time.
5. Train operator and maintenance personnel at the same time as they hear and learn the same procedures.
6. Work on your machine and prints.
7. Train new employees with factory personnel.
8. Less cost when training multiple people.
9. Train veteran employees and correct unwanted habits.
10. Verify machine default set points to ensure maximum efficiency.
11. Ensure preventative program is working and verify required procedures.


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