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Factory School Twin 400 Slitter/Scorer

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Please contact Fosber's Training Department for next available dates.

The unique Factory School for the Twin 400 Slitter/Scorer offers your maintenance personnel unlimited access to a machine. Attendees perform preventative maintenance procedures and troubleshooting techniques on an actual machine.

Fosber’s Twin 400 Slitter/Scorer Factory School ensures that your maintenance department is trained to quickly troubleshoot the machine and efficiently perform preventative maintenance procedures. Our training techniques will minimize downtime and increase performance of the machine.

The school program is two days and is specifically designed to provide maintenance personnel with “hands on” training.


Twin 400 Bottom Slitting

School Outline

1. Safety
2. Theory of Operation
3. Controls, Indicators & Detectors
4. SYNCRO System
5. Slitters
    a) Slitter Tool Replacement
    b) New – Adjusting Photo-eyes
    c) Adjusting Board Supports on Slitter Head
6. Scores
    a) Scoring Tool Replacement & Cleaning
    b) Paralleling the Scoring Shafts
7. Bladder Replacement Procedure
8. Belt Tensioning
9. KleenCut
    a) Theory of Operation
    b) KleenCut Adjustments
    c) Grinding Wheel Adjustment
10.Electrical Schematics
    a) New – Troubleshooting – Turck Modules
    b) New – Troubleshooting – SMR Modules
    c) New – Troubleshooting – Slitter Assemblies

11.Robot Calibration Procedure
12.Trim Chute Alignment Procedure
13.Preventative Maintenance & Lubrication

To ensure a quality program space is limited to 10 people per school.

Multiple student discount can apply.

Attendees need safety glasses, safety shoes and work clothes to perform the procedures on the machine.
The school cost is $1,800 per person.
Fee includes all training materials and lunch each day.
Transportation, hotel or other expenses are not included in the package.
Contact the Fosber Training Department to
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Tom Allen – or call (920) 338-6600.