M2 400 Roll Stands   lmrsicon.png

  • Heavy duty build 14,300 LBS (6500kg).
  • Double Hydraulic cylinders on each shaft (one at each end to eliminate deflection).
  • "Jumbo" roll capacity - roll diameter of up to 60"(1525mm) 8800 LBS (4000kg).
  • New Multi-disc brake TURBOREX.
  • Pneumatic core ejectors (also check that the roll is correctly loaded by activating a micro switch).
  • Both fully automatic and manual versions available.


Features Benefits
Low profile design. Fits under virtually any splicer.
Heavy duty design w/opposing
hydraulic cylinders.
Ability to pick-up large rolls efficiently.
Upgradeable. Manual roll stand can be upgraded to automatic design.
Hydraulic track, trolley & centering device. Cost effective solution where the trolley & centering device utilizes the hydraulic pump on the roll stand.
Hydraulic roll centering device. Quickly lifts & centers rolls before loading.
Chucking up rolls less than 60” in diameter. In conjunction w/the roll centering device the M2 400 Roll Stand can “chuck up” rolls smaller than 60” directly from the trolley w/o roll pushers or side shifting the trolley.
Hydraulic core stripper. Hydraulic design provides more force to remove spent or butt rolls from chucks.