LINK M3 400 Roll Stand/Splicer   lmrsicon.png

Technical Features:

  • Working Speed: 1250 FPM
  • Max Board Width: 98" I 110"
  • Max. Roll Dia.: 60"
  • Splice Off Core Splice On Roll Dia.

Key Features

  • Link™ M3 Roll StandsCycle time estimated at less than 60 seconds.
  • Does not need double side access for efficiently loading/unloading paper reels.
  • Structure of the reel stand, splicer and bridge are integrated on to a single package.
  • Auto loading & unloading standard.
  • Better tension control at higher speed and at lower basis weights with servo motors mounted on both the danzer festoon and reel stand arm.
  • Improved splice reliability with quick 2-step splice sequence and high pressure rolling nip.
  • Splice preparation in a easy access position and requires no indexing or the prepped splice
  • Zero tail splicing, splice on roll dia. and splice off core.
Features Benefits
No indexing of prepared splice. More reliable splicing & quicker splice preparation. No indexing removes the human factor & improves repeatability.
Servo dancer. Superior tension control, safer with no dancer run-a-way with web break.
Close loop tension control.

Accurate tension control at normal run and splice. The ability to run in web tension below 1 pli.

Integral design. No external cabinets simplifies installation and more "trouble-free" start-up.
Fixed head for splice preparation. Quick preparation time, faster "splice off core" with longer trail. No need to run splice head back into splicer or take out web slack.
Touch screen with advance diagnostics. Touch screen is a standard feature that allows extensive machine diagnostics and splice history reporting for troubleshooting.