Fosber’s product lines have been specifically designed to guarantee maximum flexibility of the production process, enhanced performance levels, as well as the quality of the finished product.

400 Line

Fosber’s 400 Line Complete Corrugator continues to be the leading corrugated machinery investments in North America. Available in 98" and 110" width, 1500 FPM.  The 400 Series features the Smart 400 SingleFacer, Link M3 Splicer/Roll Stand combination or the Link 400 Splicer, M2 Roll Stand, MPH 400 ThermoStack, Crest 400 GlueUnit, Express 400 DoubleFacer, RS 400 Shear, Twin 400 Slitter/Scorer, Master 400-H Cut-Off Knife, Terminal 400 DownStacker and Syncro Corrugator Controls.

Quantum Line

Fosber’s new Quantum Corrugator is a revolutionary new machine utilizing a production process that is new to the corrugated industry. Its dimensions are very compact and is available 70” or 98”, with different configurations to meet every production requirement. The Quantum is ideal for special applications, production of fine flutes with very light papers, as well as standard products. The unique technical features and compact dimensions can be used advantageously for any standard production of single wall corrugated board, if limited space is available.