The Fosber Corrugator Maintenance program is designed to have a full time Fosber Technician onsite 50 hours a week to help assure proper Maintenance and ongoing Training of the Fosber Corrugator.

Benefits of the program:

  • Fosber will hire and train a Technician that is local to your facility.
  • Daily and weekly inspections of the Full line corrugator to insure Increased Productivity and Decreased Downtime.
  • Controlled Costs for Effective Budgeting.
  • Daily Process checks to insure Quality of product being produced.
  • Benefit of a trained technician working hand in hand with the Production and Maintenance team.
  • Continuous training for the Operators and the Maintenance team.
  • Weekly calls between Fosber and the Plant for progress reporting.
  • Onsite parts inventory to insure faster reaction time to break downs.
  • At the end of the Contract the customer will have 3 highly trained technicians on the Fosber Corrugator.