The M2 400 Roll Stand is a high-speed machine offering flexibility in configuration, installation, machine features, and speeds up to 1500 ft/min.

This machine features a heavy duty, low-profile design and opposed hydraulic cylinders. The roll delivery system can be configured with a tank track or trolly. The roll loading/unloading system can manual or automatic.

The M2 400 Roll Stand provides the most options for your current needs and allows the most flexibility for future modifications or changes to your corrugator.

  • Width: 98″ or 110″
  • Speed: 1500 ft/min
  • Allen-Bradley Electronics
  • Easy Retrofit on Existing Corrugator Line
  • Roll Delivery Options: Tank Track or Trolly
  • Roll System Options:
  • Manual – Operates Controls Process and Monitoring
  • Automatic – Machine Controls Process with Operator Monitoring
  • Roll Centering (Optional)
  • Roll Pusher (Optional)
  • Split Roll (Optional)


For more information about the Link 400 Splicer & M2 400 Roll Stand contact your Sales Representative.