Corrugator Controls




Syncro is Fosber’s computer-based corrugator control system. Syncro utilizes intuitive touch screens to display information utilizing machine signals and production information of a complete corrugator. The Syncro can provide control, monitoring, information display, data entry, diagnostics, and centralized operation for a complete corrugator or individually on the DryEnd or WetEnd. The system is modular, flexible and can be configured to individual plant requirements.

WetEnd Controls

  • Synchronized Splice Controls
  • Bridge Control for the Singlefacers
  • Interfaces with the WetEnd Machines and DryEnd Controller
  • Paper Break Detection
  • Roll Label Printing for Butt Rolls
  • Roll Stock System Interface w/Bar Code Reading Capabilities
  • Line Speed Reference Generation

DryEnd Controls

  • DryEnd Order Change Control
  • Interfaces w/the DryEnd Machines/WetEnd Controller
  • Interface to the Office Scheduling System
  • Production Reporting
  • Overhead & Machine Display Management
  • Line Speed Reference Generation

Process Controls

  • Automatically Monitors & Controls Machine Settings
  • Default Target Process Settings Using Paper Grades Categories
  • Customizable Settings for Specialized Board Grades
  • Device Monitoring and Control
    • Wrap Arms for SingleFacer, Standalone Pre-Heaters, & DoubleFacer
    • Glue Gaps for SingleFacer & Glue Machine
    • Steam Shower for SingleFace
    • Paper Tensions at Splicers & Bridge Brake
    • DoubleFacer Steam Pressure & Shoe Pressure
  • Closed-Loop Warp Control System
  • Up to 3 sensors across the web
  • Fully Integrated Corrugator Control System
    • WetEnd Control
    • DryEnd Control
    • Process Control
  • Intuitive Screen Controls Allow for Easy Personnel Training
  • 24 Hour Online Support
  • System is Designed to be Expandable for Future Enhancements
    • ProCare
    • ProQuality
    • RPS-RealTime Production Supervisor-Event Based DVR System
  • Distributed I/O Network on Standard Ethernet
  • Machine Alarm Diagnostics
  • Syncro Reporting – Export Capability and Data Analysis and Historical Process Control Lookup