The ThermoStack 400 (MPH) Pre-Heater is a high-speed machine offering flexibility in configuration, installation, machine features, and speeds up to 1500 ft/min.

This machine utilizes Fosber’s advanced Syncro automatic control system which provides precise temperature control for all substrates. The configuration can be vertical or offset and is offered in single, double, or triple wall.

The ThermoStack 400 is a cost-effective machine that provides the most options for your current needs and allows the most flexibility for future modifications or changes to your corrugator.

  • Width: 98″ or 110″
  • Size: 43″, 50″ or 53″
  • Speed: 1500 ft/min
  • Allen-Bradley Electronics
  • Intelligent Guard Monitoring
  • Easy Thread-Up Design
  • Excellent Heat Transfer Due to Machine Configuration
  • Driven Pre-Heaters
  • Zero Wrap Capability
  • Infusion Plate (Optional)


For more information about the Terminal 400 DownStacker contact your Sales Representative.