Quantum Corrugator Logo

The Quantum Corrugator is specifically designed for high graphics, micro-flute corrugated. The SingleFacer, TopFacer and the layout of the Quantum allow corrugated to be produced with minimal stress to the paper.

The Quantum SingleFacer uses an available polymer-coated “Kiss” roll and a belt supported lower-corrugating roll. These design features eliminate pressure roll marks and reduces stress to the paper during the bonding process.

The Quantum TopFacer utilizes an inverted singleface entrance, heated shoe system and a four-belt system. These TopFacer  features reduce the thermal process stress to the paper for perfect bonding.

The Quantum Corrugator utilizes Fosber’s Syncro Corrugator Control System, PaperLink RollStand/Splicer, and the Compact DryEnd with the TR5 DownStacker.

  • Width: 70″ or 98″
  • Speed: 1000 ft/min
  • DryEnd: 1 or 2 Level

Quantum Line:

  • Space Saving Design – 230-260ft
  • Paper Thermal Cycle Reduced – Ideal for Microflutes
  • Energy Savings – Reduction 30%
  • No Bridge Festoon

Quantum SingleFacer:

  • Polymer Coated “Kiss” Roll Available
  • Positive Pressure System
  • Corrugating Rolls are Designed to Minimize Flute Formation Pressure
  • Reduced Crown on Lower Corrugating Roll
  • Automatic Pressure Control of “Kiss” Roll Based on Paper, Width, and Speed

Quantum TopFacer:

  • Inverted SingleFace Entrance
  • Conductive Heat Supplied to Top & Bottom of Combined Board
  • Four Belts – 1 Bottom & 3 Top Belts (No Web Contact to Hot Plate or Shoes)