The Master 400H Cut-Off Knife is a high-speed machine offering flexibility in configuration, installation, machine features, and speeds up to 1500 ft/min.

This machine utilizes Fosber’s advanced Syncro automatic control, automatic high-speed waste divert, oil-free blades, and optional non-contact board wheel. The patented hydrostatic center bearing design and serrated blades guarantee high speed blade life and efficient blade tuning. Fosber’s proven vacuum outlet section controls cut sheets consistently before delivering to stacker.

The Master 400H Cut-Off Knife provides the most options for your current needs and allows maximum flexibility for future modifications or changes to your corrugator.

  • Width: 98″ or 110″
  • Speed: 1000 or 1500 ft/min
  • DryEnd: 1, 2, or 3 Levels
  • Compact Design with On-Board Electronics
  • Intelligent Guard Monitoring
  • Oil-Free Blades
  • Hydrostatic Center-Bearing Knife Rolls
  • Energy Efficient Electrical System (Capacitor Bank)
  • Inlet Section is Mobile for Easy Access
  • Non-Contact Board Wheel (Optional)
  • Cut-to-Mark (Optional: Above, Below, or Both)


For more information about the Master Cut-Off Knife contact your Sales Representative.