Corrugator Controls




ProCare is Fosber’s computer-based maintenance and diagnostic system. The program utilizes a fixed console and tablet to display information for machine procedures and advanced data monitoring.

The maintenance intervals are automatically flagged to be completed based on time span (example: weekly), amount of product made (example: lineal feet) or number of sequence occurrences (example: cuts made). The system monitors upcoming and completed maintenance items and illustrates the relevant step-by-step procedures through easy-to-follow videos and instructional photos. The ProCare system is modular, flexible, expandable, and can be configured to individual plant requirements.

Standard Features

  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling According to Actual Runtime Data
  • Capture Actual Production, Process & Machinery Data in Real-Time & Provides Statistics & Reports
  • Monitors the Motors & Provides Real-Time & Predictive Diagnostics
  • Records Machine Historical Data for Advanced Diagnostic Analysis
  • Monitors & Records the Main Machine Utilities
  • Multimedia to Assist Maintenance & Remote Troubleshooting
  • Open System to Customize the Scheduling & Integration to Existing Plant Systems
  • Online Instructions w/OEM Component Documentation

Optional Features

  • Corrugator Motor Diagnostic (CMD)
  • Corrugator Consumption Monitoring (CCM)
  • Corrugator Advance Diagnostic (CAD)
    • Adhesive Diagnostics
    • Electrical Power Diagnostics
    • Motor Temperature Diagnostics
    • Oil Temperature Diagnostics
    • Steam Diagnostics Interface
    • DoubleFacer Belt Slippage Diagnostics
    • Vibration Analysis
    • Thermal Analysis
    • Machine Log Analysis