The PaperLink module is comprised of two machines: a splicer and a roll stand.  A standard modular design reduces cost in electrical packages, engineering, and installation.

The PaperLink has a fixed upper splice head positioned in the center of the machine and a mobile lower splice head carriage, which moves to the two outer sides of the machine for easy splice preparation. The patented splice sequence is achieved in a single continuous movement. This machine features a heavy duty, low-profile design and opposed hydraulic cylinders. The roll delivery system can be configured with a tank track or trolly. The roll loading/unloading system can manual and automatic. The TailLink option automatically detects and initiates end of roll splicing or in the event of a paper break.

The PaperLink is a cost-effective machine that meets the needs of traditional box plants.

  • Width: 98″ or 110″
  • Speed: 1000 FT/MIN
  • Allen-Bradley Electronics
  • Modular Design
  • Easy Retrofit Option on Existing Corrugator Line
  • High Pressure Rolling-Nip Splice Sequence – Zero Tail
  • Splice Options:
    • Splice Off-the-Core Diameter
    • Splice on Entered Roll Diameter
    • TailLink – Automatic Splice for Paper Break
  • Servo Driven Accelerator Roll
  • Servo-Driven Double Dancer


For more information about the Compact Paperlink contact your Sales Representative.